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    The type 7604 is available until 01/01/2025.

    Please contact us for a consultation regarding the most suitable successor article for your requirements.

    Type 7604 - Micro diaphragm pump for continuous pumping

    Product Image Type 7604

    The depiction of the products may differ from the actual specific design.

    Please consider the technical attributes and Data Sheets.

    Type Description

    The Burkert series 7604 is a unique, selfpriming, adjustable, diaphragm pump with a long service life and quiet operation that is ideally qualified for aggressive media. The pump is perfectly suited for continuous liquid low flow applications. Variations in flow rate are achieved by simply varying the frequency input. With a maximum frequency input of about 40 Hz, the fluid flows virtually pulsation free. Perfluorelastomer seals and a PEEK body are the only wetted parts, allowing the pump to be used for a wide range of aggressive fluids, organic and inorganic solvents and other difficult to handle media. The compact design (only 11 mm wide) allows for ease of mounting with standard bodies designed for surface mount (manifold) or tube connections. The low power consumption allows the device to be easily incorporated into mobile devices, and virtually eliminates any heat transfer passed from the actuator to the fluid. „Manufactured by Burkert“ ensures the user the same high quality products and proven reliability they have depended on in today’s innovative market.

    • self-priming
    • nearly pulsation free
    • for continuous pump applications
    • diaphragm pump

    For selecting the correct product please refer to the technical data, images and notes for proper use according to the data sheet.

    Applications & Tools

    CAD Model

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    Data Sheets

    Language / Country
    DTS Type 7604 data sheet | Micro pump 784,5 kB EN / EU
    DTS Typ 7604 Datenblatt | Mikro-Pumpe 784,5 kB DE / DE

    User Manuals

    Language / Country
    MAN Operating Instructions Type 7604 | Micro pump 11 mm 757,1 kB EN / EU
    MAN Bedienungsanleitung Typ 7604| Mikro-Membranpumpe 11 mm 833,7 kB DE / DE
    MAN Manuel d´utilisation Type 7604 | Micro-pompe à membrane 11mm 762,5 kB FR / FR

    Declaration of Conformity

    Language / Country
    ABD EU-DoC|EU Declaration 988 kB EN,FR,DE
    ABD EU-DoC|EU Material Compliance 223,3 kB EN
    ABD EU-DoC|EU Material Compliance 651,8 kB DE
    ABD EU-DoC|EU Material Compliance 33,3 kB FR