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valve island 8640 11mm 8-bank ALQ SS

Type 8640 / Article No. 333407

  • EtherNet/IP

Technical attributes

11,00 mm | 8x (2x 3/2) valve function C C | G 1/4 | 2,50 bar - 10,00 bar | 0,00 °C - 50,00 °C | Fieldbus module | IP20

Valve function
8x (2x 3/2) valve function C C
Valve island setup
Add-on dimension 1
11 mm
Process Connection Type/Size
Pressure port
G 1/4
Working port
AQ Supply connection material
Stainless steel
Working connection position
Bottom (pneumatic module)
AQ Working connection material
Stainless steel
AirLINE Quick material
Stainless steel
Process Pressure / Temperature
Nominal pressure min
2,5 bar
Nominal pressure max
10 bar
Temperature medium min
0 °C
Temperature medium max
50 °C
Temperature environment min
0 °C
Temperature environment max
55 °C


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