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Various Components

Type 1058

Type 1573
  • Stabilised and adjustable output voltage
  • Parallel operation
  • Push-In terminals
  • Panel installation on mounting rails
  • DC OK Signalling

Type EB32

Type KK02

Type KM00

  • Bürkert components

Type KT01

Type MZ15
  • On demand, on-site cleaning or calibration of sensors
  • Compliance with individual quality standards and guidelines
  • Long-term reliable and exact measurements
  • Flexible use allows economical and thus easy on-site quality management

Type MZ20
  • Automatic cleaning for type MSxx sensor cubes
  • Protection against clogging in the system and inside the sensor cubes for long time accurate measurements
  • Different cleaning solutions for organic and inorganic contamination
  • Application specific programmable cleaning cycle

Type MZ30
  • Module for storing and monitoring the reagents for the fully-automatic operation of the flow injection analysis modules
  • Records the reagent level and indicates a required replacement in due time*
  • Checks the correct reagent type and storage life*
  • Fully EDIP compatible for easy system integration*


Type SC02
  • In case of questions, please don't hesitate to contact us

Type SET1

Type SET2

Type SET3

Type SET4

Type SET5

Type SET6

Type SET7

Type SET8

Type SET9

Type TFU001
  • Brass housing
  • Filter insert stainless steel
  • Prevents malfunctions due to contaminated media

Type TFU002
  • Brass or stainless steel housing
  • Inner parts stainless steel

Type TFU005
  • Brass housing
  • Metal seal

Type TFU006
  • Brass version with DVGW and international drinking water approvals
  • Stainless steel version with DVGW approval for drinking water
  • Compact plastic version
  • Manometer port at pressure output

Type TRF003
  • Different models
  • Externally controlled
  • Suitable for potentially explosive environment

Type TRG001
  • For regulating the compressed air supply to consumers

Type TVG007
  • Various variants
  • PUR - thereby greater flexibility
  • PA for higher pressure ranges
  • PTFE for higher temperatures
  • PE for standard applications

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